Do you like one of my pictures and consider to buy a print? 

Please contact me under to discuss size and framing that best fits to the picture and the room it is supposed to be used for.

Costs depends on the way of printing, the image size and the framing, of course. To give you an idea, usual costs for a print incl. frame are in a range between 200€ and 500€. Just a print will be much less, of course.

NEW. You can now also RENT A PRINT. Pay a monthly fee, and have the advantage to return the print if you don't like it anymore, or exchange it to a print of another one of my images. The monthly fee would be between 10€ and 20€, depending on size and print quality. Minimum duration for a rent is 3 months.

In general, all images on are protected by copyright. They may not be copied, multiplied or published, neither completely or partly, without provious written approval.

Please contact me if you want to use one of my images on your website or any other kind of publication.

If you want to make use of an image as a background picture on your computer, please contact me to get a free version without watermark in sufficient quality, or simply download it from this Website.

Please folow me on Instagram or Vero.





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