With my landscape photography, I try to capture the beauty and the atmosphere of nature in special light conditions. I’m using the options of a modern digital camera to catch more than a human eye can see (e.g. long-time exposure, wide-angle, sharpness), but I always keep natural color tones while developing the final image. I love to spend time in nature, especially in early morning hours.

I live in Munich, Germany.



If you are interested in the equipment I’m currently using – most photographs on this website have been taken with

  • Body: Nikon D850 and D810
  • Lenses: Nikkor 14-24mm, f2.8; Nikkor 24-70mm v2, f2.8; Nikkor 70-200mm, f2.8, Nikkor 80-400mm
  • Tripods from Gitzo and Sirui
  • Filters from Lee, Haida and Nisi

Please contact me if you’re interested in further details or recommendations.

If you are interested in more awesome photographs and great workshops, I strongly recommend to check out
Peter Gordon, Dublin (www.explorelight.com)