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Welcome to my Fine-Art & Landscape photography!

Please enjoy the selection of images I’m presenting on this Website. My current focus goes to Landscapes, taken on various trips to Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Laos and the Alps, along with some shots I was happy to take on City tours.

With my outdoor photography, I try to capture beautiful locations and scenes in best possible light. It is not always my intention to document the scenes in a way a human eye can see it, instead I am using various techniques, such as long exposure, wide angle or zoom lenses, polarizing filters, to create visuals to best fit the mood I experienced at the location.

Typically, the hours providing best light are the early morning or the late evening, and it takes a lot of preparation to be at the right place at the right point of time. Many locations I visited several times to get an image I like.


July 2020: Iceland again and again. Never too much. Two trips in 2019.

June 2020: I love Scotland. I love the Shetland Islands

May 2019: It took a while, but here there are: images from the Negev desert, Israel

November 2018: Just a few new images from beautiful Tuscany, Italy

October 2018: Finally finished developing some images from a business trip to Manhattan (NYC).

August 2018: New images from the Outer Hebrides, Lewis and Harris, Scotland, all taken Easter 2018

July 2018: Some new images from Iceland (Snæfellsnes) from January 2018.

March 2018: First images from a fantastic trip through the desert Rub al Khali ("empty quarter"), Oman

December 2017: New images from the Dolomites, Italy, all taken in October 2017

September 2017: Some first images from my home town Munich. More to come ...

September 2017: NEW. RENT A PRINT. If you are interested in a print of one of my images, you don't need to buy it anymore. You can rent it for a monthly fee! Your advantage: you can simply return the print whenever you want, or exchange it with another one of my images. Please contact me when you are interested.

August 2017: I finally managed to catch-up with working on images from Scotland, taken in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

July 2017: Three days on Faroe Islands - here are the results

June 2017: Some images from Connemara, Ireland

May 2017: Some more images for Laos

March 2017: First uploads of images from my great trip to Laos

February 2017: I re-ordered the galleries to make the structure of the site a bit more clearly arranged.

February 2017: finally, I managed to upload new images from Iceland highlands, Corsica and more

May 17th, 2016: Just past the 100 unique visitors mark ... GREAT!

May 2nd, 2016: Launch of my new and first website ...